NERPCA: New England Regional Pretreatment Coordinators Association

About Us

The New England Regional Pretreatment Coordinators Association (NERPCA) is a group of pretreatment professionals located in EPA Region 1 who are responsible for addressing current pretreatment issues, assisting approved and non-approved pretreatment programs with pretreatment questions and providing education for all pretreatment personnel within the region.

EPA Region 1 and NERPCA have developed an annual Conference to address the challenges faced by municipal pretreatment personnel to implement federal, state and local pretreatment regulations. Basic to advance pretreatment training, discussions, and presentations will be provided by government representatives, as well as experts outside the government.

Who We Are

NERPCA was incorporated in August 2014 to assure that all of the pretreatment professionals within the EPA Region 1 borders are invited members, fully represented, and have an equal voice in the planning and other training activities coordinated by the Association. The Executive Committee consists of elected officials from POTW pretreatment programs from several of the Region 1 states: Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. Their primary function is the planning of the Annual Conference, assuring that education to pretreatment professionals continues.

Committee Members

Kerry Britt, Chair
Pretreatment Manager
Narragansett Bay Commission
Providence, Rhode Island or

Robert Weaver, Vice-Chair
Pretreatment Manager
Springfield Water and Sewer Commission
Springfield, Massachusetts


James Crowley, Secretary
Pretreatment Coordinator
Maine DEP
Augusta, Maine

Stephanie Rochefort, Treasurer
Pretreatment Manager
City of Somersworth
Somersworth, New Hampshire


Justin Pimpare
Regional Pretreatment Coordinator
EPA New England
Boston, Massachusetts


What We Offer

The core activities for the Association are organizing the Annual Region 1 Pretreatment Conference, promoting training and professional development and providing an opportunity for all Region 1 approved and non-approved pretreatment programs to stay informed. While not a member, EPA Region 1 will be a close partner in helping to plan and hold the Annual Conference and assure that the core activities are achieved.


The New England Regional Pretreatment Coordinators Association is open to all pretreatment professionals who wish to be part of the general membership. There are no membership fees. However, there is an expectation that each member will provide input on core activities. The New England Regional Pretreatment Coordinators Association depends heavily on volunteers to help achieve the association goals. Sign up today to be part of the New England Regional Pretreatment Coordinators Association.


Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island

The 2020 Annual Workshop

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