NERPCA: New England Regional Pretreatment Coordinators Association

NERPCA Pretreatment Training

Choose between one of the following sessions:

Pretreatment 102: Mid-Level Overview of the Industrial Pretreatment Program

This optional training course will provide an overview of the industrial pretreatment program focusing on developing industrial user permit applications and industrial user permits, reviewing baseline monitoring reports.

This will be HANDS ON training with exercises!

Kerry Britt (Narragansett Bay Commission), Stephanie Rochefort (Somersworth, NH), James Crowley (ME DEP), Nick Giannetti (VT DEC)

Oil and Grease Workshop

Training will provide an overview of operating a municipal FOG program, FOG management equipment analysis/reasoning as well as a live onsite inspection walkthrough example.

Sam MacLeod (BMP Compliance Group)

The 2023 Annual Workshop

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October 24 Optional Training Agenda

October 25-26 Agenda